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The A & C Cosmic Solutions Business Services divisions
end-to-end solutions include:
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Industry Standard
  • Servers Mobility Solutions
  • Data Protection
  • Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Enterprise Class servers
Whether you are a one man business or a multi-national organization, A & C Cosmic Solutions Business Services will be able to put a cost-effective solution together that meets all your requirements.

We have established relationships with all leading server manufacturers. Our technical skills ensure complex server configurations can be completed and implemented efficiently. Our experts take into account your business' specific requirements and find a server that fits your needs depending on whether you are a small business or a global enterprise. Single & Multi Service Servers | Multiple Processing Platforms | 32 & 64 Bit Processor Platforms


Storing corporate information is an essential task for businesses. We add to Business storage by assisting clients in making their stored data work for them by utilizing it to create more business opportunities.
DAS - storage that is directly attached to the server (either internal or external)
NAS - storage that is connected onto the network and has its resources shared to multiple devices
SAN - a dedicated storage network, typically fibre attached, and storage is shared across this dedicated

LAN infrastructure:

We are able to design, install and maintain Local Area Networking (LAN) infrastructures for clients, depending on their specific network requirements. All cabling needs for our client's network are identified and a customized proposal is drafted. Through network audits and cable reticulation, we update and develops existing networks. Floor plans, if necessary are updated through the use of advanced Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and Visio drawings depending on the client's preference.


Our team of cabling experts can install all cabling requirements for client's networking demands. A tailor-made proposal is put forward that caters to the client's specific needs. Through network audits and cable installations, we improve existing networks and improve network sites.
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